Video tutorials

I’m the sort of person who’s happiest following a set of written instructions or working it out as I go along but a lot of people have been requesting video demonstrations so I have recorded a set using the tools available at the time of writing/recording.  Unfortunately the only recording equipment I have available is an old Nokia so apologies for the low quality but you get the idea.

Restoring to stock firmware

Using Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS)

In this video I restore my phone using SEUS, this software can be hard to download as it isn’t listed on the phone downloads but it still supports the phones.

Using Sony Ericsson PC Companion

In this video I restore my phone using Sony Ericsson PC Companion, this is the standard software from Sony Ericsson and is distributed with their phones.  One benefit it has over SEUS is that it tells you the firmware version that has been restored to the phone at the end of the process.

Using Sony Bridge for Mac

In this video I restore my phone using Sony Bridge for Mac, this is the Mac software from Sony Ericsson and recently added the ability to flash firmware.

Bootloader unlocking/locking

Unlocking the bootloader using flashtool (and checking the simlock with the S1 Tool)

All credits go to SpyderX who wrote a guide to this over on the XDA forum.  Links below the video.

Bootloader and kernel guide | X8 | W8 | X10 mini | X10 mini pro| by SpyderX

S1 tool download – the tool listed in the guide is outdated, the up to date file can be downloaded here.

Flashtool homepage

Locking the bootloader using S1 Tool

Before you relock the bootloader restore your phone using SEUS or PC Companion; locking the bootloader with a custom kernel can brick your device!!!

Flashing a custom kernel using flashtool

In this video I flash the nAa-08 kernel onto my phone that I unlocked in the earlier video

nAa-08 – the XDA discussion thread

Flashing an custom firmware using ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM Recovery)

Using the recovery built into the nAa kernel I flash MiniCM7 to my phone


67 responses to “Video tutorials

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  2. Hi, first of all thanks a lot for your work, now my x10mini (not pro) it’s a phone…
    second… i’m sorry for my english :)…
    and third, i don’t understand how to update my phone then can you post a video please?

    thanks in advance

    greetings from italy

    • Hello. Thanks for your comments. To update your phone you need to unlock the bootloader, I found flashtool the easiest way to do this. Then using flashtool again I flashed the nAa kernel and with CWM recovery, which is built into the kernel, flashed MiniCM7. It was surprisingly easy and is the same for the X10 mini/pro and the X8, I’ll add more detailed instructions to the site soon.

  3. hi these all are excellent stuff you posted , but in my case it doesn’t work , when i try to connect x10 mini pro to SE update service , press back btn and connect cable it got connected but after 5 seconds it got disconect and phone turn on itself,

    my phone is xperia mini pro U20I

    i was using xrecovery before this accident and now xrecovery doesn’t work i tried but not access.

    i install Sony Ericsson Update Service in my pc and try to connect but my phone is not responding to pc, how can i on usb debug or mount phone to pc , please let me know what is the solution , i was installing cm9 and it happend my phone stuck at starting animated cm9 logo please help me

    if anyone want to see i can make video what my phone doing with me

    • You need to HOLD the back button when you connect the cable and don’t let go until the software tells you to. A lot of people let it go too early.

      The fact that it is turning on means you aren’t holding it down.

  4. You have to record your desktop with a software(camtasia studio,etc),because,with a videocamera doesn’t have quality. ps:I apreciate your work.

    • Hello. If you can boot into recovery try wiping data, cache and dalvik cache. If it still doesn’t work I would use PC Companion or SEUS to restore the phone to stock. Thanks

      • x10 mini pro, v5.0.2.7. the bootlaoder already unlock. im using nAa kernel

      • Have you tried mounting the SD card on your computer through recovery? Also, just a simple check, have you tried taking the card out and putting it back in and trying again. If you have everything backed up perhaps try partitioning it from recovery. I’m trying to work out if recovery can access it at all…

      • how to mounting the SD card on computer through recovery? i already taking out the sd card and put it back. but the result is the same. it is my sd card problem?

      • In recovery under “mounts and storage” there is the option “mount USB storage” this should mount the SD card on a connected PC if it is working.

    • its done. its my sd card problem. use another sd card to install the rom. thanks mate.

  5. help me, i bricked my phone, i just wanna ask if this works also on xperia x8,
    the last custom rom i used was 2.3.7 and i tried to reboot my phone and i see the option “Reboot to xrecovery” i think it might come in handy cause i wanna backup my whole system because its running smoothly yet until it get stuck in SE LOGO.

  6. hi,,,i`ve been using xrecovery to update or downgrade my x10…but this time i downloaded a custom rom whose file name was so in xrecovery i selected install from SD card. But when after wiping cache formating…i restarted my cell but it got stuck on SE logo…xrecovery isnt working. I tried to repair using pc companion but it said that “No software available for your phone”. My phone is totally dead now. I`ve been repairing my X10 using pc companion bt its not working now. Can I install any rom in flashmode using flashtool?? or by some other method..?? I dont know how to install a custom rom by using flashtool. I just installed xrecovery using this software.!!! for God sake plzz help me…!! Thanx

  7. hi my xperia x8 after installing minicm7 not boot only shows simple sony ericsson logo pls help me i a very can repair plz plz help me

  8. keeping it off connect to computer using pc companion and then go update and then select repair phone. follow the instructions and u`ll get eclai 2.1 on ur phone….!!!

  9. Hi there.. my xperia x8 did not want to boot.. only can enter flashmode using flash tool.. how to repair a corrupted loader? because its my fault because i relocked the kernel when using custom kernel.. any idea how to fix this?

  10. iim on x10 mini (not pro), put usb debugging on but flashtool says its off and wont let me root
    can you please help?

  11. Many tanks for the video on how to unlock the bootloader. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but the article over on XDA seemed rather convoluted and unnecessarily complicated. The video made it much easier and quicker to do. My phone is now unlocked and running the nAa v11 kernel and MiniCM7 v2.2.0 ROM – and it’s never worked so well! :)

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  13. Hey man…I have big problem. Pls HELP!!!…also … When I installed CyanogenMod and Xrecovery on my X8…i reboot phone and he stuck on Sony ericsson logo. I can open xrecovery and i can connect phone with usb to pc…Led light dont work(gren, orange,Yellow…just dont work)…I tried connect to pc with Update servis and Sony PC Companion 2.1 but the computer does not recognize phone. Also, I took out the battery form X8 for 4 hours, ut dont work. Nothing man. What to do??

    • I faced the same problem in my x10mp. I pressed back buttons repetately until the CWM screen dosent appear 1st it didnt came but in second attempt it came and I installed minicm7.2.2.0 :D so I will advice you to do the same press back button at the time of boot as soon as the logo appears and as you see ur CWM screen just backup -wipe data – factory reset – install zip from sd and then install cynogen rom. And what u will se is the cell will take some time for 1st boot but wi will boot nicely and cynogen mod will be installed :-)

      • Don’t work. I press button all the time . I repeated this action 4 times, no change(for each action-3 minutes). I really dont know what to do. I stuck on Sony Ericsson logo and i can’t continue to the next step.

    • repair the phone with SEUS or PC Companion. It’s very important that the phone is off and you don’t connect the phone until the PC is ready to repair the phone. Watch the video

  14. Thank You for your nice video tutorials. They are very helpfull. Now i have MiniCM on my phone :o)

  15. I have done all the parts until I’m about to install CM9mini, I get to nAa logo – but pressing back dont do anything, i.e. I cant get into recovery mode. The phone goes to SE-logo and freezes. The logo looks different then in the video, but all other looks ok. Any tips?

    • The nAa kernel logo for cm9 is different from the cm7 one in the video. It sounds like you’ve flashed the kernel properly but isn’t getting into recovery. I’m never sure exactly when to press back, perhaps press it more often and from the moment the logo appears until recovery loads…

  16. Thanks so much for your videos and all the info on your site, really is much appreciated!! :)

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