update for mini [ROM] MiniCM7-2.0.4 [Update Gingerbread 2.3.5/CM 7.1 port for the mini

Installation thread click here


  • Everything beyond noted bugs


  • Built for LDPI
  • MiniCM Update notifications via c2dm (CM Settings -> System -> Update notifications)
  • App2sd / Dalvik2sd compatible with 2.1 app2sd (storing to ext2/3/4 pre-existing partition is detected and mounted as such)
  • Gingerbread’s native App2sd (storing to fat)
  • ClockworkMod recovery v. and option to reboot into Recovery (Encryption – Multiboot Ready!)
  • Undervolting and Overclocking handled CM Settings menu (by default none is active)
  • Extra CM Performance Settings menu for SD Read Cache Speed
  • Extra CM Settings display menu for Ultra brightness
  • Fake Dual touch thanks to doixanh and andrej456
  • Overclocking thanks to doixanh
  • Mddi lag fix thanks to doixanh

Bugs: (Please use the project’s tracker for reporting bugs.)

  • Camera photo shooting is limited to VGA (best possible with the current code)


  • Root and CWM recovery already installed (flash it from here)
  • Latest 2.1.1.A.0.6/2.1.1.C.0.0 SE firmware / Baseband: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015 due to kernel dependencies. Check this once and twice. There is no point to proceed if you don’t have this.


  • Download the latest ROM from the release link that follows
  • Backup your /data contents: contacts, apps, sms, etc.
  • Rename the <release>.zip file to update.zip
  • Download the latest Google Apps for CM7 from here
  • Copy the update.zip, as well as the downloaded Google Apps for CM7 zip that you previously downloaded to your sdcard (top level)
  • Reboot to CWM recovery
  • Keep a backup of your current status using CWM’s Backup & Restore in case you want to restore.
  • Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ if you were not already using MiniCM7
  • Select ‘apply update from sdcard’ from the top menu of CWM recovery
  • Flash the Google Apps for CM7 zip you previously downloaded via ‘install zip from sdcard’
  • Reboot (first boot will take ~2 mins)
  • Once your device has booted, you can navigate to CM Settings -> System -> Update notifications and select ‘Register’. This way you can get update notifications on new versions of MiniCM7!

[ROM] FroyoBread | v023d |update for xperia mini

  • Installation thread click here
  • You must have se new firmware 2.1.1.A.0.6 or 2.1.1.C.0.0 to flash this ROM!
  • Froyobread is Rom created by doixanh for xperia x8 and I ported it on x10 mini!!!


  • Clean stock CM6: Smoothness. Stability. Working Camera.
  • Minimal number of apps are installed. This brings you the choice to install and use only what you want.
  • Lightweight: I got maximum 107MB of free RAM.
  • My favorite modules: X8Gesture v007, X8Undervolt v001, X8MDDI v001
  • The usual things with other ROMs: wifi / bluetooth / usb / sensors / 3d / video / camera / rooted / jit / zipaligned / app2sd / …
  • Gingerbread’s theme with some improvements
  • Gingerbread’s CRT screen on/off animation
  • CM7’s Edge Glow effect.
  • CM7’s Froyo/Rotary/Revamped/Lense lockscreen
  • Random lockscreen
  • Gingerbread’s cursor handler
  • Gingerbread’s improved copy/paste
  • Random CM6 or CM7 bootscreen
  • Better Arabic and RTL languages rendering
  • Gingerbread’s localization
  • Improved Flipping down mutes ringer
  • Flipping down snoozes alarm
  • Gingerbread’s LatinIME keyboard
  • Fully working T-Mobile’s Theme Engine
  • Built-in Transparent Status Bar support
  • Hiding avatar in SMS
  • Quick Copy / Quick Paste
  • CallMeLouder: Louder ringer when the phone is inside bags.
  • Custom operator text
  • View.measure() method caching for improved 2D performance
  • Built-in loop ringtone support without OGG editing
  • Optimized (“smoothened”) scrolling/flinging
  • Dual Recovery support
  • Xperia Active Launcher support
  • Configuration section

What works:

  • Everything!!!!


  • Nothing!!!

Instalation Guide:

  • Download Froyobread.v0X
  • Copy it to the sdcard of your phone
  • Reboot into Xrecovery
  • Instal custom zip
  • Choose custom zip from sdcard
  • Froyobread.v0X
  • Yes
  • Factory Reset (Full wipe)
  • Reboot
  • Done!!!


Build Changelog:


  • Dual recovery
  • Fixed reboot to xrecovery
  • Fixed reboot to cwm recovery
  • 2 bootanimations as the original froyobread
  • Fixed call log force close
  • Removed a part of the text under the lockscreen (thanks to D4rKn3sSyS)


  • Fixed wifi
  • Fixed bootanimation


  • Ported froyobread rom from x8 to x10 mini!!!