Xperia X8

Update : 18 March 2011 v1
This thread reserved for common issues and possible fixes for cyanogen mod 7 for Xperia X8

1) Wi-fi is not working

No, it’s not. Devs are working on it. Be patient

note : Racht’s rom is working fine

2)Games lags and some games won’t even starts (emulators)

Yes, the performance in that area is not maximized yet. Dev’s still working on it

3) Camera suck

Again, dev’s working on it.

4)Data don’t work

Go to setting/wireless and network/mobile network and enable data

If it’s still not working, check access name, make sure you get the right one.

Not working again, reflash your entire rom.

5)  Reboot problem because of superusers apps

It has been determined that this reboot problem happen when superusers enabled apps like root explorer, barnacle, titanium back up and etc is shutted down either by users or the android system. To avoid this, exclude these kind of apps from your task killer if you use one. Don’t exit these apps, just press home button and suspend it. The reboot will happen when android system kill this apps to free up resources. This issues is currently being investigate by the amazing developers of this rom.

And skype may be the subject of this problem as well for unknown reason.

I will update this as time progressed.

6)Video streaming not working

Dev are working on it.

7)  Can’t find any screenshot apps that works

Use this one.

8) Battery drain problem

Full wipe via xrecovery and clear battery stat

9) Market problem, battery drain problem, app2sd problem

Full wipe via xrecovery?

10) 3G or data don’t work

Go to setting/wireless and network/ mobile network and enable data


283 responses to “Xperia X8

  1. hi…. there i wanna ask u all, can u tell me, which one is the best n stable rom n also have a good looking ui for x8. now im using ginger dx v 009.. thanks..^^

  2. Battery Drain Issue?

    Fully charge your phone. (100%)
    # 1 restart in xrecovery -> “Advanced Options” -> “Wipe Battery, Stats
    # 2 Shut down services, Like Gmail / DSP manager / Maps, may sometimes use too much of your battery …
    #3 using 2G instead of 3G

  3. hello there, I am running MINICM6 v1.0.1 in my x8. Plz anybody tell me any better custom rom than above? one more thing,if I install 2.3,can I reinstall cm6 rom afterwards with xrecovery? Thanks…..

    • Hello. I have an x10 mini pro so for other phones I can only relay what I see from other users and the XDA forums. I recently did a roundup of firmware news for the xB, I’d recommend looking at the latest releases and any bugs listed on the XDA thread to decide which one to use. You can flash different firmwares cm6 to cm7 for example but generally it is best to backup and do a factory reset in recovery mode before flashing a new firmware.
      Any x8 users listening please comment to help Vishal out.

    • 1. You can use froyobread by Doixanh, its a good looking rom for daily use.
      2. Yes, make backup in xrec, after flashing 2.3 (Full Wipe) if you want back, just use the restore in xrec…

      Note: but, if you’re worried about your data, configs/ market apps, just stay on rom you use, flashing between roms can contains bugs if you do not (Full Wipe)

  4. hey thanks…..
    But there are lots of froyobread rom versions which making me confuse. I read about “Hackdroid Roms “,v0.10, v0.15,v0.20, v0.25, v1.0 n many more. I have downloaded “”Floyo (2.2.5) v 0.1b HACKDROID (Floyo 1.0)””. I am thinking to install this rom. Wat you say,it will b better for me or not? or tell me any other froyorom with its version. Thanks……..!!!!!!

  5. Don’t worry guys! Cyanogenmod is almost done. And they announced that it will support all the 2010 Xperia android phones! :) Froyobread is the most stable daily use of all and GingerDx. I don’t see any battery drain with some minimum usage like calls and a little wifi. I definitely didn’t play games. just some calls and sms. and it can go to around 5 days. :) freeze some apps that you don’t wanna use, guess that helps. :) Cheers!

  6. hello,
    what is the difference between CWM Recovery and Xrecovery ??? I have only XRECOVERY. (x8 E15i).

  7. AMEND.
    ClockWorkMod is based on Android’s Native recovery…
    also (CWM) can use without some important system files,

    Xrecovery is nt really an recovery more an boot – hijacking.
    yes Xrecovery got same functions than (CWM) but use diffrent methode…

    so… update from xRec to CWM idk, if you dont need it dont flash it.

    ps: but if you’re really curious, you can of course try

  8. Thanks.
    I think it will go very difficult me to install CWM Recovery as I am new in android. Can I stay with XRECOVERY…???? Is there any problem with this?
    To be very frankly,I didn’t know anything about this Android OS when I purchased my x8 in last May. After lot of search on internet n You Tube, I succeeded in installation of Xrecovery n CM6 Rom. Now again this CWM Recovery…..Oh God.
    I am worrying about what if I brick my phone? Can I install any Froyobread or GingerDX Rom through this Xrecovery?
    I read about installation of CWM(above thread ). It will go difficult to me.

  9. Its ok , np You have to start somewhere.
    ok i answer your Question(s),

    Yes you can stay on xRec , and yes you can also install “FroyoBread” using xRec
    youre on “CM6” , “FroyoBread” is based on “CM6”, its give you a lightweight Froyo (2.2), with Gingerbread (2.3) customizing, so if you flash from “CM6” to FroyoBread its a good deal,

    Here is the link for “FroyoBread”.

    I Recommended that you use the latest version “FroyoBread v023b FINAL”

    Note: you wont brick youre phone, if you have any bugs ( just go to xRec and full wipe youre device), but it lose your data :/ not on SDcard btw, so before upgrading/flashing Rom, (backup the rom) before flashing :)

    about “GingerDX(2.3.5)”, GingerDX is an stable lightweight rom Based on HTC Hero its an “CM7”, the Performance is little better than FroyoBread but to run it smooth you need to unlock youre bootloader and install custom kernel, so i dont want make you crazy about that.

    Here is the link for “GingerDX”.

    and, You Welcome…

  10. hey, I have flashed Hackdroid Floyo 2.2.5 ROM on CM6 Rom last night, just bcoz of curiosity. n I am now running on it. This is alsosmooth1. but in setting I can’t change status bar settings. when I click it on, no response comes. I am thinking about “Froyobread v23b.” I will flash it soon. Plz keep guiding me.

  11. Okey, did you (full wipe) “Factory Reset” after installing rom? if not, try that, most of the bugs can be fixed if you do that…
    also did you backuped you’re older rom you used?

    Yea Floyo(Latest) from racht is also a good one, its based from “FroyoBread 21b”
    its bring you smooth/stable “Froyo” with HTC sense UI,(user-interface)

  12. Yes,I did (full wipe) ‘“Factory Reset” after installing rom. But some apps are taking too much time to open,like “Go Contacts”,”UCWeb”,”Installer”,”You tube”. Wht to do?????????
    And Yes i did backup of my MiniCM Rom. I also have a backup copy of 2.1 Eclair rom.
    As i said b4 I am thinking for Froyobread v23b.
    What you say????

  13. okey… maybe compatibility issues? how much apps do you have installed, maybe the apps are running in background so it slow down the phone…ps: hows battery life ?

    about froyobread, yea lets try.

  14. I have installed 60 apps. I am using “Advanced Task Manager” to kill running apps.
    And battery Life only 1 day, no more.
    Today mission is FRYOYOBREAD…!

    • You’re wrong.. having advanced task manager kills your battery. uninstall it. and you can have it around 3 or 2 days I think. And yes, having more RAM is good but the more RAM you have. The more apps android will launch it. so leave it, let android do everything for you. Even when you do not have enough RAM to launch any apps. Android will automatically terminate some other apps which are using a lot of RAM and boot the apps. I’m using gingerDx by doixanh and I can go to 5 days with minimum usage and some little apps on. :) cheers

  15. Thanks… I will do it. can you tell me I’m detail info about installation of GingerDX on x 8?

  16. Hi,
    I got Froyobread v023b ROM with two different size.
    (1) 94.26MB and
    (2) 97.33MB
    Which one I have to download ?????

  17. Thanks..
    I hv download Froyobread v023b zip file. But when I extract it, it shows only 3 folders-
    1. data
    2. META-INF
    3. system
    When I extract “Minicm6” and “Floyo v1.0” before this, there were 4 folders. I copied these folders in sd–>xrecovery–>backup–>Floyo 1.0
    And then I installed this Rom through ‘backup and restore’ option in Xrecovery menu.
    But now with this froyobread I got only 3 folders. Is there any problem with this??
    Sorry, I know I am asking too many questions. but u know I am new in this field and trying to get more with your kind help.
    One more thing, right now I’m running on Floyo v1.0… when I reboot my phone into Xrecovery, it shows me 1. Xrecovery and 2. CWM Recovery. clicking on CWM recovery it asks something like, not istalled,,, install CWM recovery something like this( I can’t remember exactly). And I even can’t reboot my phone through CWM… I removed my battery, put it back after 5 seconds n turned on my phone. After this I hv never entered in CWM Recovery…..
    Thanks again..

  18. Hello,
    need help.I have installed Froyobread Final. But….
    1. ‘Market’s is not working properly. When I am trying to launch it,taking long time and after some time, it says-Connection Time Out-Retry.This is not that Market ,which I used before. This is new version of Market.
    2. As like in ‘Floyo v1.0’ I can’t customize Status bar settings like- status bar,notification colours, tweaks etc again in this Froyobread…
    What to do???

    • Hi. Did you do a factory reset in recovery before flashing? Do you have data access (i.e. Can you get on the internet in other apps)? I don’t know about froyobread as I use miniCM7 pro for my x10 mini pro. Personally I would always choose miniCM as I don’t really care for all the mods out there and like to keep things simple, although it seems most people like customised firmware.

  19. Hello,
    What is “Wipe dalvik cache”? It is ok, if I do it?
    And yes I did ‘Factory Reset Full Wipe’ for the twice, before,and after installation of Froyobread. As I was getting Market problem so I reinstalled my previous Hackdroid Floyo v1.0 and unfortunately I am getting same problem in this Rom also. (Sorry Market has stopped unexpectedly, plz try later.)
    Plz somebody tell me, A stable custom ROM(Froyo or Gingerbread) for my X8,which can be install through Xrecovery. (I don’t have ClockworkMode)

    • Dalvik cache is part of android and used by apps, it is quite safe to wipe it and the main cache in recovery (it will take longer to boot and open apps the first time you reboot though so be patient).

      I don’t own an x8 but I would update to cwmrecovery unless there was a good reason not to, it supports dual recovery so it is possible to install xrecovery too.

      Consider minicm 6/7, and gingerdx. Always read the xda thread for known bugs and missing features to decide which one to use and what to expect.

      Good luck.

    • 1. Dalvik: its clear the memory(Cache) of your application…
      ->, yes its ok to wipe it,

      2. sounds more that market blocks on your device, can you remmember you got same problem on your older rom MiniCM6 ? i can link you to another market(Vending.apk) maybe it will work…


      3. Another Good Custom ROM, i think MiniCM6 & Froyobread – MiniCM7 & GingerDX are far the best custom rom on x8, Froyobread is based on CM6 Core & is from MiniCM6 Source, GingerDX is CM7 Core & Based on HTC Hero, also The FreeXperia project… do great work for our xperia phones.

      “you can flash older GingerDX (v013-) ?

      Good Luck…

  20. hey,thanks…
    when I was using MiniCM6 Rom I never had Market problem. it was nice. In Hackdroid Floyo 1.0 (installed 1st time after cm6) Market is working nicely. but at the time of Froyobread Final,it was very very slow.(sometime always force closes). so I reinstalled previous Floyo 1.0, n now Market giving me ‘No Response.’

  21. No, I don’t have any wireless network problem. I can browse internet without any problem. only Market is the problem.
    I wiped dalvik cache in Xrecovery.
    Now I am downloading Gingerdx v013. I will try this as last one. if I find Market problem again ,then I’ll go for my very 1st 2.2 Rom,i.e. MiniCM6.
    Thank you…

  22. Yeah,I know but v17 needs ClockWorkMode Recovery and don’t have CWM. I think it will go very difficult me to install CWM.
    And Gingerdx v13 can be install with Xrecovery. so I am thinking for it.

  23. installing CWM(Dual-Recovery) using GingerDX (v13) xRec.
    like what Epic Macintosh say, best method, flash CWM over xRec, Tested and worked :) “” navigate to install, reboot into Recovey. There you go…
    about the market, you can try alternative , called SlideME .

    Good luck…

  24. Ha..Ha..Ha……! What a silly joke,
    Listen guys,
    I hv Installed GingerDX v013, n you know, I will never face Market problem with this Rom hereafter. Coz “Market” app is totally missing in this Rom.
    Somebody plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what’s going on with my X8?
    Thank you…

  25. Sorry,I was just scaring to flash CWM,but……
    Ok lets do it.
    what is….
    1)Unlock bootloader
    2)Custom Kernel LinuxDX
    both of these required before flashing of CWM?????
    Right now I am on GingerDX10. What all I have to do is…
    Download CWM file and install it with XRecovery…Right?????
    plz correct me if I wrong.(Edify file is also there,which making me confuse)
    Thanking You.

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